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Raise future legends. 

We offer one-on-one parent coaching online to help you cultivate an emotional growth environment for your kids and prioritize who you're "becoming."  

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"Our children will become by-products of how we manage our own emotions, how we treat ourselves, and how we engage the world around us...In short, our children become who we are." 

Josh + Christi Straub, Famous at Home, p. 92


Win Your Child's Heart

Parent coaching is tailored to your child's needs and where you feel stuck as a parent.

Some of the most common coaching strategies we use will help you:

  • Identify your parenting style
  • Lead in grace with your kids
  • Cultivate emotional safety
  • Discipline more effectively
  • Problem solve with your kids
  • Develop a plan for deeper emotional intimacy and connection with your kids
  • Establish family rhythms that help your kids thrive

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* NOTE: When purchasing a coaching program through Famous at Home, you acknowledge that it's not psychotherapy or a substitute for psychotherapy.
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