An 8-week LIVE online group coaching cohort where you learn body-based tools to help you heal, and reclaim who you are.

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We all begin with a heart that is soft and fully alive. But life has a peculiar way of hardening it.

And the most difficult part, for so many of us as women, is how we tend to lose our best selves after we have kids. Little eyes following our every move.

Perhaps you find yourself:

  • Wrestling with irritation and anger towards those you love most

  • Struggling with overwhelm under the weight of all the things you are responsible for 

  • Becoming hard and fierce toward your husband

  • Wishing you could experience joy and contentment in the small moments of life

  • Longing for a simpler, less pressured day-to-day

  • Wanting to reconnect to the authentic, creative, and compassionate woman God created you to be

And then we grow apathetic. It's hard to maintain a soft, loving heart, and establish firm boundaries when everything feels so "efforty". 

Friend, this was my story. And it's the story of so many women I meet today. 

But once I learned to teach my body to release the accumulated pain in the presence of Jesus, I began to reclaim who I was made to be, tender and fierce.

Tender and Fierce will unite you with a community of authentic woman, give you the tools you need to rediscover your tender heart and gently release the layers that have kept it hidden and hardened. It is my prayer that you learn to reconnect your body to the tender fierceness that comes from living fully alive in Jesus.

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Just $497!

TENDER & FIERCE includes:

  • 8-week LIVE online group coaching cohort
  • Dates: August 7 - September 25, 2024 
    Special Pricing Ends June 28!
  • Led by Famous at Home's Christi Straub, (Trauma-Informed Somatic Practitioner, CMCLC) 
  • One LIVE coaching session or teaching per week
  • 90 minute live teaching falls on weeks 1, 3, 5, & 7 (Wednesdays at 7pm CST) 
  • 90 - 120 minute live group experiential exercises falls on weeks 2, 4, 6, & 8 (Wednesdays at 7pm CST)
  • Teachings (only) recorded for later viewing
  • Access to the Tender & Fierce online community 
  • Body-based (somatic) tools for reconnecting to your body & learning to regulate your nervous system
  • Experiential spiritual practices for experiencing the goodness of God: beauty, joy, loveliness, peacefulness, and creativity
  • Gentle somatic release of stuck/held emotion in the presence of Jesus: anger, rage, shame, fear, grief and sadness
  • Spiritual direction for hearing the voice of God and experiencing His felt Presence in daily life
  • Topics include: setting healthy boundaries (soft heart, firm boundaries), finding your voice, moving from worry to peace, listening to the story your body is telling, and navigating shame 

    ** 100% Money Back Guarantee!
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What Others Say

"Christi gives me tools to help me push past what feels uncomfortable. Most importantly, she stands strong against the strength of my will as a leader that doesn’t let anyone in! I’ve learned to function to protect, because as a leader, you feel at times like you can’t open up, you’re taught to be stronger than the rest. What Christi has taken the time to show me and to VERY patiently walk me through is that –I matter too! Christi provides the path and the encouragement to be courageous enough to walk through and process the hard so that I can be better equipped for what lies ahead as a leader, as a wife, and as a mom." 

- Sarah

"Meeting with Christi isn't just another self-help session, it's a Holy Spirit infused experience with someone who is fully invested in seeing you become everything you were created to be. From our first phone consultation several years ago, I felt seen, safe, and heard. She was able to see through the lens of the Holy Spirit, the leader that I was created to be, even when I was knocked down and barely breathing, and could no longer see that woman. She has walked alongside me to find rhythms and space that allow me to walk fully in my calling, putting God first, while being fully invested in the family that He has entrusted to me." 

- Jen

“It has truly been amazing to work with Christi. She is empathetic, Christ filled, and genuine. She has helped me walk through some tough things but in the gentlest way. She is not only my coach but has also become a friend. I can’t recommend her enough!” 

- Dustin

Coaching with Christi changed my life. She helped me identify child protective parts, triggers, and traumas that I didn’t even realize existed within me. Christi sat with me through some of my most vulnerable moments, and the guidance she brought was both tender and fierce, creating such a safe and trusting space to heal. I’ve learned from her about my nervous system and how to nurture it in fight, flight, or freeze situations. It’s become a game changer for me because now I have tools for when triggers inevitably come my way. What also sets Christi apart is the way she brought the Holy Spirit into every session...she allowed there to be an opportunity to hear from the Lord in raw moments, leading to me tangibly feeling His healing touch. Now that I am aware of my triggers, know how to regulate my nervous system, and discern God’s voice, I’ve never felt more free to be my true authentic self, and I’ve never felt more light! I am forever grateful for Christi.

- Janae

A Special Note from Christi

Most women I know struggle to find their stride in the roles they walk in - wife, mom, daughter, entrepreneur, business woman, homeschool mom, friend, fill in your blanks. We want to live fully - and be excellent in all we do, but those roles add a heavy weight.

And somewhere along the way, we get lost. We lose the little girl inside us and our true authentic self gets covered up by imposters that have helped us fit in and succeed. That’s where I found myself, after two babies, trying to balance work and motherhood, feeling lost and wondering where Christi had gone – her lighthearted joy and passion with it.

It sent me on a journey of healing, rediscovery, vulnerability, and surrounding myself with a circle of accountability, friendship, and wise counsel. 

Now, years later, that’s the place from where my own coaching has birthed.

Aside from my husband and precious children, coaching women has become my greatest honor, investment, and joy. The sweetness of these coaching relationships isn't anything I do per se, but because it’s Holy Spirit led, driven by prayer, and so it becomes a sacred space. Seeing women walk away with free and tender hearts and full voice is true joy.  

If you desire growth and are willing to do the work, you’re my people. Come with a teachable spirit and curiosity. I'll take you from there.  

I know God has a specific purpose and mission for your life – and my passion is to come alongside you to ensure you walk in the fullness of it –  free, full of joy, confident in your calling, famous at home first, and not held back by insecurities and old wounds. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is freely and confidently living in her calling. 

I know God sends people specifically and purposefully, so if you feel this is the right season and fit for your next step of the journey – know you have been covered in prayer already.  

It’s my greatest honor to hold part of your life story.   

With tender & fierce love, 


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