The Greatest Red Carpet You'll Ever Walk Is Through Your Front Door

The Famous at Home Podcast is like having a cup of coffee with authentic friends who just "get you." With topics designed to help you navigate the demands and difficulties of staying connected to your family and living on purpose, you'll walk away feeling encouraged and empowered to be famous at home.

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Have you ever found yourself in a moment with your loved ones where you there, but you weren’t “all there?” Your mind chasing identity outside the home, as your loved ones chase your attention inside the home? Welcome to the Famous at Home podcast with marriage and leadership coaches, Dr. Josh and Christi Straub.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there, giving our leftovers to our biggest fans under our rooves, instead of our best. But here’s the good news, it doesn’t take major life changes to shift how we show up.

With a realistic, grace-filled look at the struggles families face, the Famous at Home podcast is like having a cup of coffee with authentic friends who just “get you,” yet with the practical and life-changing coaching strategies Josh and Christi use to help spouses, parents, and leaders stay emotionally engaged and connected to their biggest fans.

With topics designed to help you become a rockstar in your own home, set healthy rhythms between work and home, and build a rock-solid marriage, the Famous at Home podcast will encourage and inspire you. Because the greatest red carpet you’ll ever walk, is through your front door.

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