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We live in a society that conditions us with a deep desire to be famous, well-spoken of, and admired.

So we go the extra mile for clients, the people we serve, those we report to, and followers on social media.

Yet, it’s our family that often get our leftovers.

Make no mistake, we have sincere hearts, but as much as we say we want more time with our kids or we wish we could be more connected as a family, our minds fixate on how we could be famous to someone, or somewhere, else.

Yet, your biggest fans already live under your roof. You'll never be more famous anywhere than you are at home.   

End of life surveys show people’s biggest regrets include “working too hard” and “wishing I had the courage to express my feelings" (source).  

Let's not live with these regrets.

At Famous at Home, we help you put a plan in place to make the most of the time with your family and learn to harness the power of emotion for deep relational connection with your biggest fans.



Because the greatest red carpet you’ll ever walk, is through your front door.



How We Can Help

For Families

Our online family series helps you build a rock solid marriage, clarify the values you want to live by, and create margin in your daily, weekly, and yearly rhythms.


For Leaders

Join us for our yearlong leadership cohort to connect with like-minded leaders, build healthy work-family rhythms, and lead from a whole heart. 


For Kids

KidsEQAcademy and MyKidsEQ are designed to make learning healthy relationships enjoyable for your child and we carry the load for you, the parent. 


Our Team 

Joshua Straub


Stage: Co-Founder & President

Favorite Activities off Stage:
Boating & Penn State football

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Christi Straub


Co-Founder & Vice President

Favorite Activities off Stage:
Boating, gardening, & attempting to paint watercolor

Meet Christi
Bill Lokey

1955-2023, In Memoriam

Leader’s Heart Coach

Favorite Activities off Stage:
Biking, snow skiing, hiking, and playing with his 9 grandchildren

Meet Bill
Laurie Lokey 



Leader's Heart Coach

Favorite Activities off Stage:
Running, skiing, crafting, and playing with her 9 grandchildren

Meet Laurie
Janae Torgeson

Executive Asst. + Social Media Guru

Favorite activities off stage:

Writing, time with friends, spontaneous road trips, & petting every dog in sight.

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Jane Butler

Website & graphic design

Favorite Activity off Stage
Spending time outdoors

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Drew Porterfield

Podcast Video and Audio Producer

Favorite Activities off Stage
Georgia Football and National Park Enthusiast

Meet Drew