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Give your biggest fans the best version of you

Learn the intentional and meaningful ways you can show up for your loved ones in our latest book, Famous at Home.

Put your family center stage

Famous at Home is Josh and Christi’s realistic, grace-filled look at the struggles families face in a culture that competes for their time, attention, and identity. Whether you’ve found yourself putting more effort into becoming famous on stages outside the home, or your stage is the home, Famous at Home offers guidance and inspiration to help you give your family the best version of you.

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Being Famous at Home Shouldn't Feel Like a Burden

But when you don't feel supported, or busyness distracts you, you risk a lot...

  • Your pace of life is just too busy for deep connection

  • You feel guilty for not being truly present, even when you're with your family
  • You feel inadequate as a parent
  • Your marriage is slowly drifting apart

  • A frantic pace creates a sense of tension and even aloneness in your own home

  • You lead people well at work, but feel lost when you get home

We're here to help.

Our online family series is a step-by-step plan to help you create a family of connection, adventure, and purpose 

Your Family Purpose 

Get on the same team as your spouse, clarify the values you want to live by, and create margin in your daily, weekly, and yearly rhythms to be famous at home.

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Want to go deeper? Want to be a part of a supportive community? 

Join Our Exclusive Family Network

Journey with Josh + Christi with live Q & A sessions, coaching content, and conversations with other like-minded families, as we come alongside each other to show up as the best version of ourselves for our spouse and kids.

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Become the kind of leader, both in your home and at work, that others want to emulate.

The Leader's Heart Cohort

We provide a robust coaching program for leaders in businesses, organizations, and churches to journey together in a “Mastermind” type group with a twist. 

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C O M I N G  S O O N 

The life skills your kids need, but don't learn in school

We all want our children to have healthy relationships. But schools don't teach kids how to manage emotions. And there's no manual for helping your kids develop emotional intelligence.

KidsEQAcademyTM and MyKidsEQTM are designed to make learning healthy relationships enjoyable for your child and we carry the load for you, the parent.

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