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Put Your Family Center Stage

Whether you’ve found yourself putting more effort into becoming famous on stages outside the home, or your stage is the home, Famous at Home offers guidance and inspiration to help you give your biggest fans the best version of you.

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Being Famous at Home Shouldn't Feel Like a Burden

But when you don't feel supported, or busyness distracts you, you risk a lot...

  • Your pace of life is just too busy for deep connection

  • You feel guilty for not being truly present, even when you're with your family
  • You feel inadequate as a parent
  • Your marriage is slowly drifting apart

  • A frantic pace creates a sense of tension and even aloneness in your own home

  • You lead people well at work, but feel lost when you get home

We're here to help you cultivate a family of connection, adventure, and purpose.


Big Emotions in Little Bodies

Help your kids name their feelings and know how to manage them with our library of family resources.

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Listen (and watch!) Dr. Josh and Christi share the joys of marriage, parenting, and emotional and spiritual growth.

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It's not easy being famous at home when work, busyness, and success demand center stage.


This tension doesn't need to become a lifestyle. The Leader's Heart is a robust coaching cohort for teams and organizations to cultivate an emotional growth environment, build healthy work-family rhythms, and lead from a whole heart. 

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C O M I N G  S O O N 

The life skills your kids need, but don't learn in school

We all want our children to have healthy relationships. But schools don't teach kids how to manage emotions. And there's no manual for helping your kids develop emotional intelligence.

KidsEQAcademyTM and MyKidsEQTM are designed to make learning healthy relationships enjoyable for your child and we carry the load for you, the parent.

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