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Coaching for Husbands, Father, & Leaders

Josh offers individual one-on-one coaching for men to accelerate emotional and spiritual growth, find your true self, and live from a whole heart.

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Need One-on-One Coaching?

  • Do you feel stuck with a big decision to make or feel like you lack direction in life?
  • Wish you had more meaningful time with your kids? 
  • Just can't get the so-called "work / life balance" thing figured out?
  • Desiring a more rock solid marriage?
  • Want you could strengthen your performance at work?
  • Do you feel disconnected from God and looking for your calling or purpose? 

A Note From Josh

It all started when…

...a multi-millionaire entrepreneur told me, nearly two decades ago, “Josh, I’d do anything just to have a relationship with my (college-aged) son again.” 

What gets me up in the morning is making sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Since that defining day, one of the most frequent phone calls I receive is for a leader who is either in a crisis or just burned out. I hear often from men, "I can lead hundreds of people at work but come home and feel inadequate to lead my own family."

The effects of being burnt out, hitting a crisis, or lacking direction ripples across families, employees, and organizations. I wanted to turn my focus to the prevention.

There's nothing that brings me more joy than getting to strengthen the hearts of husbands, fathers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, faith-based leaders, and the like, to help men find direction and realize that the greatest red carpet they'll ever walk is through their front door. 

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