The life skills your kids need, but don’t learn in school.

An at-home emotional and spiritual growth experience for families, aka homeschool curriculum, but that's too humdrum a phrase for cultivating maturity and (insert humble) awesomeness in your kids.

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Social Skills

Help Your Kids Develop Emotional Intelligence and Build Healthy Relationships

Let’s be honest, there’s no manual for teaching your kids to be kind to themselves and empathize with others. But the cost is noticeable…

  • Your kids have trouble managing big emotions

  • Your kid’s big emotions have you feeling concerned

  • You feel too busy or inadequate as a parent

  • Your kids struggle with self-regulation

  • Your kids are easily influenced by others

  • Your kids have a difficult time with empathy and respect

Enter a new kind of learning. Introducing...

The School for Emotional, Relational, and Spiritual Character Building.

Coming Fall 2022, KidsEQAcademyTM will help you cultivate the home environment your kids need to develop emotional intelligence and relational maturity. 

What's your Kids EQ? Take Our Free Assessment →

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You can check out the following resources to begin learning about and cultivating an environment to grow your kid's EQ.

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