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Josh speaks at marriage retreats, parenting events, church services, corporate conferences, and family camps. Josh and Christi also speak together on a limited basis for marriage events.

Please note - In light of the coronavirus health + safety restrictions, Josh is able to speak at your virtual events.

We help families harness the power of emotion to be famous at home. This is the environment where children thrive.

Our top 5 most popular topics include:

  1. How to Speak to Your Kids and Win Their Heart

  2. The Tale of Two Stories: The Power of Emotion in Marriage
  3. Marriage in a Fishbowl: Helping Leaders Become Teammates in Marriage
  4. 5 Pillars of Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids

  5. 5 Ways to Create an Emotionally Safe Environment for Your Kids

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2021 Schedule

January 16-17 Rome, GA
February 4 Plymouth, MN
February 7-9 Austin, TX
February 13-14 Nashville, TN
February 20 Fort Bragg, NC
March 21 Fayetteville, GA
April 27-28 Rome, GA
May 2 
Dallas, TX
May 3-6 
Nashville, TN
June 13 Columbia, TN 
August 21 Huntsville, AL
Sept 11-12 Centerville, OH
Sept 16-18 Colorado Springs, CO
October 11-14 Nashville, TN 
November 1-4 Nashville, TN
November 7 Kingsport, TN

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