Relatable. Practical. Storyteller.

We help you harness the power of emotion to be famous at home. This is the kind of environment where families and leaders thrive.


Josh speaks at conferences for companies, military, and churches. Josh and Christi also speak together on a limited basis (see below).

Our most popular topics include:

  • 5 Essentials of Emotionally Healthy Leadership 
  • How Your Chase Influences Your Presence
  • Famous at Home: The Necessary Rhythms to Put--and Keep--Your Family Center Stage
  • Famous at Home: How Healthy Leaders Manage Work Life, Family Life, and Success
  • How 15 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Marriage
  • How to Speak to Your Kids and Win Their Heart

What Others Say

Josh + Christi

Josh and Christi speak together but only for a limited number of events per year. If you'd like to book both of them, just let us know. In the meantime, they'll keep doing their best to be famous at home. 


2022 Schedule

January 30 Columbia, TN
February 7-9 Austin, TX
February 15-16 Colorado Springs, CO
February 20 Columbia, TN
March 27 Leesburg, FL 
March 28-31
Nashville, TN
April 8-10 Rome, GA
April 20
San Diego, CA
April 25-28 Nashville, TN
June 26 New Orleans, LA
July 12
Nashville, TN
August 19-21
Nashville, TN
August 21-23 Estes Park, CO
August 26-28 Nashville, TN
Sept 9-10
Nashville, TN
Sept 15-17 Nashville, TN
Sept 24-25 
Centerville, OH
Oct 21 Orlando, FL
Dec 2-3 Denison, TX

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