Get on the same team as your spouse, create margin in your daily rhythms, clarify the values you want to live by.


Our online family series is a step-by-step plan to help you create a family of connection, celebration, and purpose.



Cultivate an Environment of Emotional Connection

Your Family Purpose helps you cultivate the relational environment of your home and establish your family vision and values. 

You will also set daily, weekly, and even yearly rhythms that guide the direction of your family, give you and your kids margin, and help you crush your freshly created family bucket list.

This online family series takes you away from living directionless and frantic, to living on purpose and with intention.

You will also gain access to the Famous at Home Network, a community of families helping one another be famous at home and get to connect with our Famous at Home team for live Q&A's. 

What's in the series?

Episode 1: Cultivate Your Environment

Lesson 1: Change Your Rhythm

Lesson 2: Become a Raving Fan


Episode 2: Establish Your Relational Rhythms

Lesson 1: Talk About Your Dance

Lesson 2: The Two Most Necessary Rhythms You Can't Live Without

Episode 3: Set Your Values

Lesson 1: The Genogram

Lesson 2: Establishing Your Values

 Episode 4: Implement Your Plan

Lesson 1: Putting Your Values in Play

Lesson 2: Live Out Your Purpose

Parents Love This Series

I highly recommend the coaching that Josh and Christi has to offer!  Their authenticity, faith, and passion to be their best selves inspires and guides others on their journey to their best selves.

— Jackie C.

Because the greatest red carpet you'll ever walk is through your front door.

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  • 61-page workbook with exercises you will come back to over and over again.
  • Exclusive video content, designed specifically for this Family Series.
  • Join live Q&A calls with Josh + Christi, with a free one year membership to our exclusive online community, the Famous at Home Network (a $180 value).
  • Meet new people who are also casting vision and setting their values, just like you.
  • Cultivate a sense of unity and togetherness with your spouse and kids in the environment of your home. 
  • Set tangible action items to help you create margin in your daily, weekly, and yearly rhythms.