$250.00 USD

*I acknowledge that this program is not psychotherapy or a substitute for psychotherapy. By purchasing the MyKidsEQ Coaching Workshop, I acknowledge this is an educational program and online community designed to help me learn principles of emotional intelligence and to teach the KidsEQAcademy curriculum to my kids. I also acknowledge that (a) all materials (whether audio, video and written) which I receive as part of the MyKidsEQ Coaching Workshop (the "Materials") are owned by Straub Company, LLC and are protected by copyright, (b) I may only use the the Materials for my personal use as part of the coaching program, (c) the Materials may not be copied or reproduced in any way without the permission of The Straub Company, LLC, and (d) I may not use the Materials for any commercial or business purpose.

MyKidsEQ Coaching Workshop (Summer 2023)

Welcome to the MyKidsEQ Coaching Workshop!

This brand new, one-of-a-kind program is designed for parents, school administrators, teachers, and church leaders, people who are passionate about cultivating emotional intelligence in children. Not only will you be some of the very first participants to see and use the brand new MyKidsEQ curriculum, but you'll also learn how to cultivate an emotional and spiritual growth environment filtered through the lens of Scripture.

For only 250 bucks, here's what you get:

  • An 8-week online coaching program ($3,000 value)
  • 8 self-directed online coaching videos
  • 3 live interactive Q&A group coaching calls with Dr. Josh (to be held June 13 at 7pm CST, June 27 at 12pm CST, July 13 at 12pm CST, and July 26 at 7pm CST). 
  • The first 8 weeks of the MyKidsEQ curriculum (digital version)
  • Access to our exclusive members only MyKidsEQ Coaches Facebook group
  • Become part of the Ambassador team, giving feedback and insights for future launches of the MyKidsEQ curriculum

The curriculum itself is designed for ages (5-11) or kindergarten through 5th grade.

Though the curriculum caters to this age group, the principles apply whether your child is 4 or 24 (yes, we all need emotional intelligence and this course is foundational for helping everyone cultivate emotional and relational health).

Finally, as part of the Coaching Workshop, you will join an exclusive online community of other like-minded parents, school administrators, teachers, and church leaders who are beta-testing the curriculum and will be the first to know when new offerings are released. This is one part we're stoked about because we get to journey with you and you get to journey with us! 

* NOTE: When purchasing a coaching program through Famous at Home, you acknowledge that it's not psychotherapy or a substitute for psychotherapy. With purchase, you acknowledge this is an educational program designed to teach children principles of emotional intelligence.