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Individual + Leadership Coaching

We offer individual one-on-one coaching online for you to accelerate emotional and spiritual growth, find your true self, and live from a whole heart.

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Need One-on-One Coaching?

  • Do you feel stuck with a big decision to make or feel like you lack direction in life?
  • In a dating relationship and want to be sure you're with the right one?
  • Just can't get the so-called "work / life balance" thing figured out?
  • Are you in the survival years of motherhood and feel like you've lost your identity? 
  • Do you feel disconnected from God and looking for your calling or purpose? 
  • Are you a spouse or parent who just wants to show up better at home? 

Find Clarity and Direction

We serve individuals in many seasons of life: 

  • Husbands and fathers looking to connect deeper with loved ones
  • Wives and mothers looking to find purpose and calling
  • Busy humans looking to find healthy rhythms between work and home
  • Leaders looking to cultivate emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • People at places of indecision
  • Dating or engaged individuals wanting to make wise decisions
  • Folks looking for a deeper intimacy with God

If you've listened to our podcast and had an "ah ha" moment or wanted to go deeper, this is your place to do just that.
Simply use the contact button to let us know your season of life, and we'll be in touch.

* NOTE: When purchasing a coaching program through Famous at Home, you acknowledge that it's not psychotherapy or a substitute for psychotherapy.
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A Note From Christi

Every woman I know...

struggles to find balance in the roles they walk in - wife, mom, daughter, entrepreneur, business woman, homeschool mom, friend, fill in your blanks. We want to live fully - and be excellent in all we do, but those roles add a heavy weight. 

And somewhere along the way, we get lost. We lose the little girl inside us and our true authentic self gets covered up by imposters that have helped us fit in and succeed. That’s where I found myself, after two babies, trying to balance work and motherhood, feeling lost and wondering where Christi had gone – her lighthearted joy and passion with it.

It sent me on a journey of healing, rediscovery, vulnerability, and surrounding myself with a circle of accountability, friendship, and wise counsel. 

Now, years later, that’s the place from where my own coaching has birthed.

Aside from my husband and precious children, coaching women has become my greatest honor, investment, and joy. The sweetness of these coaching relationships isn't anything I do per se, but because it’s Holy Spirit led, driven by prayer, and so it becomes a sacred space. Seeing women walk away with priorities in proper order and in freedom is true joy.  

Why are we selective in who we coach? Because we choose people who desire growth and are willing to do the work. If you fit that description – you’re our people. Come with a teachable spirit and curiosity. We’ll take you from there.  

I know God has a specific purpose and mission for your life – and my passion is to come alongside you to ensure you walk in the fullness of it –  free, full of joy, confident in your calling, famous at home first, and not held back by insecurities and wounds. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is freely and confidently living in her calling. 

So if you or your life feels muddled and heavy right now – we know. We know God sends us people specifically and purposefully, so if you feel this is the right season and fit for your next step of the journey – know you have been covered in prayer already.  

It’s my greatest honor to hold part of your life story.   

With so much love, 


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A Note From Josh

It all started when…

...a multi-millionaire entrepreneur told me, nearly two decades ago, “Josh, I’d do anything just to have a relationship with my (college-aged) son again.” 

What gets me up in the morning is making sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Since that defining day, one of the most frequent phone calls I receive is for a leader who is either in a crisis or just burned out. I hear often from men, "I can lead hundreds of people at work but come home and feel inadequate to lead my own family."

The effects of being burnt out, hitting a crisis, or lacking direction ripples across families, employees, and organizations. I wanted to turn my focus to the prevention.

There's nothing that brings me more joy than getting to strengthen the hearts of husbands, fathers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, faith-based leaders, and the like, to help men find direction and realize that the greatest red carpet they'll ever walk is through their front door. 

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