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Marriage and leadership coaches Dr. Josh and Christi Straub show how seven core decisions can help us put what’s most important center stage in our lives.


Famous at Home offers guidance and inspiration to help you give your family the best version of you instead of your leftovers.

Famous at Home
will help you and your spouse:

  • Be on the same team—fighting for each other and not against each other
  • Stay emotionally connected even if work, distance, or busyness are in the way
  • Deeply invest in the emotional lives of your children

You really can be famous at home, showing up in intentional and meaningful ways for your biggest fans. It all starts by realizing that the greatest red carpet you'll ever walk is through your front door.


7 Decisions to Putting Your Family Center Stage

In a world competing for your time, attention, and identity, these worksheets are a companion to our brand new book Famous at Home and will help guide you through the 7 Decisions to putting your family center stage. 


100 Commonly Held Values