Drew Porterfield

Stage: Podcast Audio and Video Producer
Green Room Food: BBQ and Chopped Salads
Favorite Activities off Stage: Georgia Football and National Parks Enthusiast

Drew is most famous at home, happily married to Stephanie and has three adult kids. On stage, he is a proud dad, a loving husband, an avid Georgia football fan and a minister at heart.

Drew followed God’s call to ministry right out of college, attended seminary and served the local church in several different roles in Georgia and in Florida. After 13 years in the local church, he moved to Tennessee to serve in a denominational role for the past 11 years. 

Drew began Scarlet Thread Media as a solution to the many needs that began to surface in the live event media & technology space. He worked for a large Media company serving local churches - managing two brands of live and on-demand solutions; then moved on to direct live broadcasting events for a major publisher in Nashville, TN. Drew produces the weekly podcast for Famous at Home.

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